Piet Oudolf in Detroit Update #7

Save the Dates! 
Nov. 14, Nov. 28 & Jan. 4

Piet's preferred spot on Belle Isle

Piet's preferred spot on Belle Isle

October 2017

Public Input Open Houses Nov. 14 and Nov. 28
With many thanks to our collaborative partners and the DNR, we are making progress toward obtaining official approval for the Belle Isle site Piet Oudolf proposed for his first Detroit garden design.
We are working with the DNR on two open house public input sessions. These are an opportunity for the public to understand where the proposed site is located, why Piet Oudolf picked it and give us any feedback they may have.
The first will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 14 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Flynn Pavilion, 4435 Muse Road, Belle Isle Park, Detroit.
The second open house will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 28 (likely 3 pm to 5 pm) also at the Flynn Pavilion and will address any questions that arise from the first session. Check with the DNR’s Amanda Hertl at 313-396-6872 or hertla@michigan.gov to confirm the time.
Screening of Oudolf Film Jan. 4 at the Detroit Film Theater
The documentary Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf by filmmaker Tom Piper will be screened the evening of Thursday, Jan. 4 in the beautiful Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Art. Tickets will be available online and at the door. We will let you know when the tickets go on sale and share more details about this exciting event where both Piet Oudolf and filmmaker Tom Piper will be featured.


Well Done!

Earlier this month the Garden Club of Michigan completed its project on Belle Isle’s Sunset Point and the result is both breathtaking and time-saving.

New irrigation will make less work for Jeremy Kemp’s hardworking DNR team and the beautifully designed planters add color and a great photo backdrop for all the wonderful events that take place at this favorite spot on the island.

Happy Halloween!

-Piet’s Detroit Team

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