Piet Oudolf in Detroit Update #6

Scott Stewart's Visit to Detroit

Piet's preferred spot on Belle Isle

Piet's preferred spot on Belle Isle

September 2017

This afternoon we said a fond goodbye to our new best friend Scott Stewart, who is the head of the Millennium Park Foundation in Chicago. Millennium Park has an astounding 20 million visitors a year and is Chicago's number one tourist attraction. He came to see Detroit and offer his help as we work toward making an Oudolf designed garden a reality on Belle Isle.


Scott works very closely with Piet Oudolf in Chicago. The two of them have become close friends and he was curious to see for himself what had captured Piet’s imagination in Detroit. Here’s what Scott had to say about Detroit and his stay: 

“Detroit is a city that knows how to build, how to make things work…it is in every Detroiter’s DNA. Building a world-class public garden, with a designer as renowned as Piet Oudolf, is an important step toward imaging a system of locally and regionally interconnected public spaces throughout Detroit. These gardens will be spaces of imagination, healing, and conversation—a story that will begin at the Oudolf garden on Belle Isle and will continue into a bright, flourishing future for Detroit and all Detroiters. I am inspired by the passion, love, and attitude of Detroit.”
Note: Mark your calendars for the evening of Thursday, January 4, 2018. We will host a screening of the documentary film about Piet Oudolf entitled "Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall" at the Detroit Film Theater. Piet Oudolf will be joined by filmmaker, Tom Piper, for a discussion with the audience after the film. 

Hope you have a wonderful October.
-Piet’s Detroit Team

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