Piet Oudolf in Detroit Update #1

Dutch Garden Master Piet Oudolf Came to Detroit and He Wants to Come Back!


We had the best 30 hours with Piet Oudolf earlier this month and thank each and every one of you who share our vision of an Oudolf garden in Detroit.

Piet wants to create a garden in Detroit on Belle Isle, Michigan’s most popular park. We are now working hard to make that happen but it will be a group effort – it will take all of us to make this vision a reality. 

We do not remember the last time we saw a group of 80 plus adults who were that enthralled by a presentation. The chairs were pulled close and people were following Piet’s every word and slide at the Rattlesnake Club on April 4th. 

We have dubbed Piet the “open source” garden designer since he is so open and generous in sharing his work. He has shared the images from his presentation that you can view here. Crain’s also wrote a short piece about Piet’s visit that you can read here.

We appreciate that so many of you were able to join us on such short notice. A special thank you to all those who made his visit memorable – Mark Wallace, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy president, Keith Creagh, the DNR director, Bud Denker, Belle Isle Park Advisory Committee member and Penske senior VP, Mariam Noland, Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan president, Toby Barlow, Detroit enthusiast and tour guide extraordinaire, Michele Hodges, Belle Isle Conservancy president, Robin Heller, Grosse Pointe Garden Center president and Belle Isle enthusiast, Patricia Thull O'Brien, DYC Commodore, Bob Grese, Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum director, Amanda Hertl, a landscape architect with the DNR and Maurice Cox, City of Detroit planning director. Guests came from across the state to meet and listen to Piet.

Since this effort will be a team sport, we plan to update anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of it on a monthly basis with whatever news or progress we have to share. Right now we are in discussions with Piet on what a commission would entail.  

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

Your Fellow Piet Oudolf Garden Enthusiasts
AKA The Garden Club of Michigan 

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